Hey my friend, I’m Dustin Hogan and I’m the founder of The Rock Star Academy! People often ask me what I do and what The Rock Star Academy is.

The short and sweet answer is that I created The Rock Star Academy to inspire and empower purpose-driven people just like you to pursue your dreams and become the best version of yourself. I do this by sharing powerful personal development strategies, tools and insights to help you break through to the next level of success in your life.

The reason I am so passionate about personal development is that I’ve seen the impact it has made on my life over the last 15 years; it has been the guiding light that has saved me from my darkest days.

You see, from the outside looking in, I have the picture-perfect life. Amazing family, awesome friends, and all of the opportunities a man could ever ask for. Secretly for most of my life, my "inside world" was far from ideal. I was fighting a battle that no one else could see.

Living with severe anxiety and depression meant many days were spent hidden and terrified to face the world. I would pretend to be sick so I wouldn't have to attend school. I missed so many potentially fun-filled and exciting opportunities because of crippling fear and incredibly low self-confidence. 

THIS was the story of my life for many years...

For the longest time I suffered in silence and I didn’t share my struggles with those closest to me because I didn’t want to worry them. I didn’t even want to admit it to myself because at times I felt like there was actually something wrong with me.

It was in my darkest days that I realized I HAD to find a way to get better. My inner voice was constantly shouting, “YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” However, deep down I knew I could feel better. Someway, somehow, I knew I was going to feel the way that I deserved to feel.

It was during the dark days that I was compelled to embark on a journey of personal development and healing which still continues today. I committed to learning more about who I am, what makes me “tick”, and how to be my best self.

I became a ferocious student of personal development by studying and implementing many life-transforming practices such as: mediation, success habits, productivity systems, mindset development, positive thinking, and the art of living with intention and presence.

Once I decided to do whatever it took to get through my own stuff, my life began to transform! This path inward has been the ultimate journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I have spent the last 15 years discovering what it takes to move from simply surviving to truly THRIVING.

I’m not here to say that I have it all figured out, because the truth is that nobody has it all figured out. Alas, there are many days still filled with extreme fear, panic and anxiety. There are many moments where I struggle significantly with old ways of thinking, and days when I feel down and it can be tough to create any momentum in my day. 

Still, the reality is that those moments are few and far between compared to how often the old me would run into these troubles.

I believe that in order to transform the world, we must first transform ourselves. The most effective path to personal transformation is to first focus on our own personal growth and development.

And this is why I started The Rock Star Academy!

Through the process of focusing on my own personal development to help me overcome some of my BIGGEST challenges and become the best version of myself, I developed a burning desire to help others become their best selves through a passionate and disciplined approach to their personal growth and development.

The Rock Star Academy teaches you to become the ROCK STAR of your life in whatever way that looks for you!

Being the Rock Star of your life means that you are willing to put in the work towards personal growth and development with passion and enthusiasm. You can become a Rock Star in any area of life, whether it’s with your business, career, family, or beyond!

Why? Because you know that by focusing on being your best self, you make both a positive impact on your world AND the world of those closest to you.

This is how we create a ripple effect that goes far beyond what we can do individually. I believe that if we are all living at our best, we can truly make a massive impact on this world for the better.

Looking back I realize that my darkest days were a blessing in disguise. Without the mental and emotional struggles over the years, I wouldn't have been forced to find the light that I knew was possible for my life.

Today I’m still a student of the work that has so positively impacted my life, and will continue to be one for the rest of my life. We can always better our best and in doing so we can live a life that we all deserve and are capable of.

The path to transforming your life, in EVERY way possible, is through the pursuit of your biggest dreams, your grandest goals, and your most passionate pursuits.

It’s time to create your transformation - let me help you get there!

- Dustin Hogan



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